The Bear Lodge

First Inipi Ceremony, July 5th, 2014 

It was a beautiful summer day to build a sweat lodge, and a perfect summer evening for the first inipi ceremony!

Many thanks to our friends who travelled far to help, to pray, to drum, to sing, to celebrate with us.  We hope and pray that this sacred space will serve as a place of comfort, bringing blessings and healing to many people for many years.

Coming from a distance?  We have space on the floor inside, and plenty of room for camping outdoors.  Give us a call and we'll make some room.

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Lodge meeting area

Inipi (Sweat Lodge ceremony), Drum Circle Meditation, Drum Making Workshops, Herb Workshops
Vision Quest - last week of May
more to come!  

Tai Chi exercise

Shamanic training

Consultation for wellness and healing

Healing Lifeways

has the mission of providing opportunities for learning and research in Natural Health, Wellness, and Healing, developing skills in individuals that will enable, empower, and enhance their work in caring for themselves and others.  We work to make the opportunities accessible and affordable in the hope that more people can enjoy giving and receiving the gift of wellness and healing.

Quill Medicine Wheel